Product branding options

Lipogen offers flexible branding alternatives for its clients and partners, working to increase market penetration in regions throughout the world and cement product recognition and adoption by consumers.

Lipogen-branded products

Lipogen sells ready-packaged softgel and chewable tablet supplements under the Lipogen brand. They are available to distributors, pharmacy chains, health-food chains and individual stores with ready-to-use merchandising material.

Private label products

Lipogen offers a world of creative private label solutions, with the complete spectrum of development and manufacturing services. The company provides a setting where inspiration, scientific know-how and production expertise meet – to customize or design premium products targeted to your market.

White label products

Lipogen produces supplements for branding by health food chains and pharmacies – in either bulk format or pre-packaged containers. Give Lipogen formulas your own identity and quickly expand product offerings – horizontally, for more robust product lines and families of products – or vertically, for increasing the dimension of product types offered.

Branded ingredients

Lipogen is synonymous with quality and effectiveness. Use the Lipogen name and branded products as co-branding on your ingredient list to convey this message to clients and/or consumers.

Active ingredients

Fortify functional foods, such as health shakes, infant formulas and adult nutrition beverages by introducing Lipogen’s formulas.