Lipogen Marketing program

Lipogen is committed to marketing partner success

As a dynamic, rapidly expanding healthcare company, Lipogen has strategic partnerships with distributors, pharmacy chains, community pharmacies, healthcare professionals and other organizations.

The Marketing Program in action

The Lipogen Marketing and Merchandising Program offers partners complimentary in-store and external promotion tools and best practices to help you recommend appropriate patient product options and educate customers while enhancing your profitability. These materials demonstrate your advocacy for the patient, building trust and long-term repeat business.

Lipogen’s merchandising resources include:

  1. Merchandise displays to present products and attract customers
  2. Print, electronic and social media promotion material, including customer brochures, clinical study abstracts on product effectiveness and social media posts
  3. Attention-getters, such as wearable buttons reading, “Ask me about supplements for brain health.”
  4. Periodic promotional and introductory discounts