Multi-action formulas


Scientifically engineered phospholipid supplements

Lipogen products help replenish essential brain nutrients, delivering synergistic outcomes that are collectively greater than their core active ingredients. Lipogen is the only company that can offer these patented solutions.

Targeting real sources of cognitive decline

Lipogen’s multi-effect formulas help improve a range of cognitive functions. Importantly, they reduce physical and mental stress by decreasing cortisol, the stress hormone that is directly linked to serious health conditions. These performance enhancements are especially significant for young adults experiencing cognitive impairment due to stress and lifestyle.

Formulated for easy absorption and maximum bioavailability

Lipogen’s nutrient production processes replicate the human body’s, so they enter circulation in high percentages and get to work quickly on fortifying brain and nerve cells.

The membrane – the outer protective layer of a cell

Blocks entry of unwanted substances and prevents escape of essential materials



The cell membrane: strong armor




 Optimal brain and nerve function depends upon whole, healthy cells and membranes.

Essential membrane activities that support normal cell function

  1. Protects the flow of substances in and out of the cell
  1. Retains the correct balance among phospholipids, which are cell membrane components
  1. Maintains the proper cell shape
  1. Preserves fluidity and flexibility
  1. Regulates cell contents to maintain chemical and electrical balance
  1. Supports messaging between cells

Factors that can harm cell membrane

  1. Aging can affect all of the body’scells, tissues and organs, and these changes can impact the functioning of qall body systems.
  1. Certain medications can reduce cell fluidity, flexibility and other key qualities.
  1. Pollution can cause systemic damage and can impair normal cell function.
  1. Stress doesn’t just make a person feel older; it can speed up cellular aging

Any disturbance in these activities and qualities causes a chemical chain reaction that directly affects cell health and cognitive function.

A healthy cell is like a balloon – its rubber exterior protects the air inside.

A cell that is deficient in phospholipids is like a leaky balloon that loses its shape and function and lets essential substances escape.


Phospholipids: What every brain cell depends on to function

Phospholipids make up the membranes of all brain and nerve cells, helping cells perform effectively.

Brain-cell phospholipids form a two-layer structure, called the lipid bilayer. Proteins embedded in the bilayer control the transport of substances through the membrane.

Getting enough phospholipids

The human body produces brain-supporting phospholipids from foods consumed. However, it can be difficult for people to get all the phospholipids their brains need on a regular basis. Age is one key reason, but stress, environmental factors, health, nutrition and lifestyle can all cause deficiencies phospholipids other essential nutrients at any age.

Lipogen: Innovation in a league of its own

Lipogen phospholipid formulas have been proven for a range of brain-health applications in multiple clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals. Various populations have been shown to benefit, such as older adults coping with cognitive decline. However, what puts Lipogen in a class of its own are multiple clinical trial results that successfully show improvements in young adults experiencing stress-related cognitive performance problems.